Make copies of the forms below 

     You must read and study the forms, then fill them out accurately

      in a timely manner (within 5 days after each occurrence).

  Then mail us copies of the completed forms within 10 days to

           support grievances regarding the loss of your work.

     Call, write, or email your State Vice-President for your area of

Arkansas. The names, numbers, and addresses are listed on the Contact Us page of this web site.

Your State President or Vice-President for your area will appreciate hearing from you.

In this critical time, it is imperative that we unite together to fight for our jobs.

Keep the faith,

Your Arkansas State APWU Officers





              Are your hours being cut?

Is your Postmaster, Postmaster-Relief, or an RCA doing clerk

work that was formerly performed exclusively by clerks?

Dear Arkansas Clerks:

If your hours are being reduced, your Union would like to help. But we

need your assistance to protect your hours, jobs, and income.

Bargaining unit work that formerly was performed exclusively by clerks is now being performed by Postmasters / Supervisors or by other crafts (rural & city carriers), and/or by PMRs from other offices.

This is a violation of Article 1.6 and / or Article 7 as it pertains to the clerk(s) who remain in the office. Clerk Craft work that was historically performed by YOU belongs to stay in the Clerk Craft - not to postmasters and members of other crafts.

For the Union to protect YOUR work and that of your fellow co-worker, we need your help.

The Union has developed forms (attached) for you to record the amount of clerk craft work the Postmaster/OIC, Supervisor, PMR, or members of other crafts are performing in violation of YOUR contract.

Please take the following steps:

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